The bgcnv package provides a simple blood glucose converter for POSIX-compliant UNIX systems. develops and maintains this project.

Bgcnv (manual - bgcnv(1) - pdf | txt) converts a specified blood glucose value into its mmol/L or mg/dL approximate equivalent and writes them to the standard output.

A Web version of the bgcnv command also exists. So, feel free to see Bgcnv Web and convert your blood glucose, if you like.


Sources contains the latest official release of bgcnv (see below), bgcnv-current development (information & downloads), and older releases.


If you have any bug reports, comments, or questions about this software, please contact me by sending an email message to <bgcnv (at) v6shell (dot) org>. Before reporting a bug, please try to reproduce it with the latest version of the code. With bug reports, please try to ensure that enough information to reproduce the problem is enclosed. Also, if a known fix for it exists, then please include that as well.